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Sermon on the Mount

What Would Jesus Teach? You've heard it said...


The outward sign of the inward change!

The Beatitudes

Being Blessed through the Beatitudes!


Other sermons that are not part of a series.

Easter 2017

Celebrating the Resurrected King!

Genesis to Jesus

Finding Jesus in the Book of Genesis.

Joy to Every Heart—Christmas 2016

Finding JOY in the midst of whatever season you are in.


The Adventure Foursquare Church studies through the book of Ephesians.

The Values of Successful People

The Staff at The Adventure Foursquare Church in Draper go through the values that define successful people.

Finding our Purpose

We start 2016 looking at how God helps us find our purpose.

Christmas 2015

The theme for Christmas 2015 is The Unopened Gift.

The Power of the Gospels

Explore the power that the message of the Gospels has in our lives!


Pastor Eric Van Rhee teaches through the book of Nehemiah.

Easter 2015

Our Palm Sunday and Easter messages from 2015

Victory Road

Eric Van Rhee Teaches about the road to victory in life with God.

Christmas 2014

Eric Van Rhee teaches about different aspects of Jesus the Giver during the 2014 Christmas season.

Tough Topics

Pastor Eric Van Rhee teaches a series about tough topics in Christianity.

Wisdom of the Ages

Eric Van Rhee teaches about the Wisdom of the Ages found in the Bible.

Overcoming Everything

Pastor Eric Van Rhee teaches about how God can get you through any trial or hardship that you encounter.

Embracing Grace

Dr. Daniel Brown teaches about the doctrine of grace.

The Tender Commandments

Eric Van Rhee teaches through how God's love is displayed in His TENder commandments and that they have been instituted for your benefit.

10 Scriptures that will Change Your Life

Pastor Eric teaches through 10 Scriptures that will change your life if you apply them.

Christmas 2013

Our series leading up to Christmas 2013


Thanksgiving Messages 2013


The Fruit of the Spirit in my life.


Investigating Life's Questions