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Unbreakable… permanent… enduring… Do these words describe your relationship?

They can.

You and your spouse have the ability to safeguard your marriage and abound in joy, intimacy, security and pleasure.

So many people are losing confidence in the institution of marriage and it is having a catastrophic effect on society. The good news is that marriage still works when you follow the right plan. The Indestructible Marriage will help you turn the tide and revolutionize your relationship.

The Indestructible Marriage will show you that no matter the quality of your relationship today, you can have a lasting and thriving marriage.

This 8-week class is led by our Marriage Ministry team, who will facilitate discussion and interaction through the viewing of this life-changing DVD series by Jimmy Evans, revealing:

  • The perfect roles of husbands and wives
  • How to overcome communication barriers
  • The different kinds of love and why only one will last
  • The secret of being romantic in your spouse’s language
  • How to divorce-proof and affair-proof your marriage


Class size is limited to 5 couples.

Cost is $10 PER COUPLE and only one spouse needs to sign up for the couple to complete registration. Married couples only.

Sign up soon to reserve your spot! If, after registering, you find that you will not be able to attend, please contact the office at 801-816-9135 or email adventurecentral@adventurehome.org to let us know so we can open the spot for another couple. 



DRAPER CAMPUS: Wednesday Nights from 7:00-8:30 pm beginning March 22nd


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